Hello and welcome to my new blog. Starting in 2013 I decided to make public my ideas and strategies relating to the aviation business, and in particular the world of commercial airlines. My passion is for an efficient and well-connected air transport system.
Air transport is as important to the modern world as roads were to the Romans. Good transport linkages are vital to the modern world economies. Cities without good transport connections to the rest of the world will limit their future growth potential.

I have been working in my own independent aviation consulting firm since 2004 and have advised a number of airlines, airports, governments and investors on a range of related issues. Prior to that I was with Air New Zealand for 13 years and made a number of significant achievements during that time.

I continue to be available as consultant and adviser with Greenstone Aero – Aviation Consultants based in Auckland (AKL), New Zealand but travel the world as required.

My particular strengths are strategy and picking future trends. My focus is very much market led and look at competitors, potential growth, network design (airline schedules), fleet type optimization, airline profitability simulation (including models on service class split optimization, First through to Economy/Coach).

The airline industry has had its glory days and it tough days. Air transportation will continue, but the shape of the industry is always changing and survival is dependent on getting the strategy right.

There have been plenty of examples where airlines have failed to recognize the trends and end up in a position they can not recover from. There have been a number of big failures, Pan Am and TWA to name a couple and I’m sure there are some big names added to the list soon.

I know of airlines who end up with old or the wrong fleet type who can’t compete and end up in a position where they have to change but don’t have the financial strength to change and end up in a death spiral with no way out.

The face of the airline industry needs to change and break away from the legacy constraints, often self imposed that are limiting not only future growth but survival as an airline business.

I have a rather large list of subject areas I want to cover and plan to share these as and when I have the time. If there is any particular area of interest please let me know.

Some of the issues/opportunities I plan to look at include:

  • Airline alliances – good for the consumer?
  • Airline alliances – Where next?
  • Airline Simplification – Airlines have a tendency to over-complicate
  • Fleet type strategies – new v’s old
  • LCC’s (Low Cost Carriers) – Impact and next big thing
  • Long haul routes and profitability
  • LCC v’s Legacy airlines
  • Network design and optimization

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